Fundraising and Events

All fundraising incentives and events initiated by CRPS Awareness - The Purple Bucket Foundation Inc., are to increase awareness and improve education about Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. 

All funds raised, be it through membership fees, direct fundraising efforts, or donations will be dispersed as follows:

  • Production, publication and distribution of research informed pamphlets and brochures.
  • Joining fees of appropriate associations.
  • Educational and promotional materials as required.
  • Marketing that includes raising awareness about CRPS.
  • Australian CRPS Research meeting committee/membership approval and related documentation.

All donations over $2 to CRPS Awareness - The Purple Bucket Foundation Inc. are tax deductible.

Sponsorship Opportunities!

  1. Annual expenses - $7,500 per annum. Your business/name will appear on our website, socials, emails, Zoom, Teams, and letterheads.
  2. BOH our Mascot - $9,500 one off expense which will have your name/business displayed on BOH's back everywhere he goes, and once we've got him, he'll be hard to contain. Plus a massive thank you on this website and our socials.
  3. Junior Warrior Packs - $13,000 = 100 packs. The packs you sponsor will have your logo or name printed on the caps, our website and socials.
  4. With U 4 Life - Please contact Kim Allgood to discuss on 0411 147 367.

CQ University Logo

CQ University Logo

Meeting the needs of people living with complex regional pain syndrome: Defining the problem
CQ University conducted a research project in conjunction with CRPS Awareness - the Purple Bucket Foundation and the

Australian Pain Management Association. 

This 'CRPS Needs Project' is an ongoing research project. The CRPS Brochure is only the beginning  of what we hope to develop.

2023 Annual General Meeting is complete

View the official minutes here

Colour the World Orange!

The first Monday in November, since 2014, had been dedicated to creating awareness about CRPS with "Color the World Orange". An independent initiative, Color the World Orange commenced in America and has been steadily spreading with landmarks throughout the globe turning orange in support for CRPS Orange Day. Everyone is encouraged to share their Orange photos with hashtags - #crpsorangeday #colortheworldorange #crps #orangeday 

For more information please visit Color the World Orange.

Past Events             


2019 Australian Pain Society Conference 39th Annual Scientific Meeting - 7 - 10th April

Colour The World Orange - Monday Nov 4th 2019

Attending the Rotary Living Expo in Hervey Bay, July 13th & 14th, gave us a great opportunity to raise awareness about complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). We had a great weekend meeting lots of people and making awesome connections.

Check out some more amazing snaps from the Rotary Living Expo


Thanks to the amazing support of Hervey Bay businesses, the incredible talents of Nadia Vanek from Three Owls Body Art and Kelli McAlpine from  Healing Canvas Body Painting, we were able to demonstrate, for the first time ever, what CRPS and Persistent Pain may look like, and we received heaps of help colouring the world orange for CRPS Awareness, November 2018. In doing so many more people have learned about Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

Click here to see some more amazing body art photos from this event

Click here to see some more amazing people who helped us colour the world orange at this event


The Purple Bucket Foundation Inc, held a charity weekend trail ride, December 2017, continuing our awareness raising awareness about CRPS in remote and rural areas.


The Purple Bucket Foundation Inc, attended the 2016 Man From Snowy River Bush Festival - raising awareness in remote and rural communities. We also attended the Festival in 2019 as Gate Wardens, which enabled us to continue to raise awareness. We will be back again in 2020.