OUR MISSION: CRPS Awareness - The Purple Bucket Foundation Inc., is committed to providing support and concise information relating to Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and other Persistent Pain conditions.

We light a candle for all those who have left us; as we continue to raise awareness, offer support, and strive for better mental health and suicide prevention services, for all those who remain.

  • Education is key; for health professionals & people living with a diagnosis, to work together to create better outcomes for CRPS & Persistent Pain.
CQ University Logo

CQ University Logo

Meeting the needs of people living with complex regional pain syndrome: Defining the problem
CQ University is conducting a research project in conjunction with CRPS Awareness - the Purple Bucket Foundation and the

Australian Pain Management Association. We are seeking people to be interviewed for about 30 minutes about the information

needs of people who have been diagnosed with CRPS. Please follow the link for further information about this project.

Download the information sheet here

QR code for donations

QR code for donations

Australian Pain Management Association
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With our deepest gratitude to

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our Awareness Partners.