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Pain Management.

Pain Self-management:

A person's ability to manage their symptoms and treatment, along with the physical, emotional, and social consequences, as well as the lifestyle changes that may occur with chronic pain. It is coping with all the day-to-day requirements of getting back to life.

Live Well with Pain was created by a small group of healthcare professionals in England who work in pain management and use a self-management approach with their patients. Seeing how successful it could be, they wanted to share their approach with more people. With a team of experts, including Lived Experience experts, Live Well with Pain supplies information about self-management and other valuable recourses: "Always trusted, always free".

Dr Bronwyn Thompson, PhD, MSc (Psych) 1st Class Hons, DipOT, Registered Occupational Therapist, with lived experience of chronic pain. Bronwyn is also involved in CRPS research and is regularly a keynote speaker at medical events and podcasts.

The following articles are from Bronwyn's blog.

The Pain Toolkit is for people with persistent pain and the Healthcare teams who support them.  

Pain Tools:

Pain Self-management:

Pain Management Network Australia – NSW Health

Pain Australia – Self-managing chronic pain fact sheet, chrome-

If you are looking for a health professional in your area, Painaustralia has a very handy Pain Directory which can be found here.

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