Medical Assistance for CRPS and Persistent Pain.

For too long the CRPS and Persistent pain community have lived with the belief that their pain wasn't understood, and their cries for help were falling upon deaf ears. For as much as this may have been true for some of us, it is not the case for many others and it just keeps getting better. It is important that you have a medical team that works for you and with you. 

Our doctors, specialist, therapists and scientists do care, they do want to help us and they are working to find better outcomes for us. We need to take some positive steps and responsibility for our pain and our care too;

  • building better relationships with our medical team - respectful and honest communication
  • less "Doctor Google" - more Doctor in the flesh
  • remembering that CRPS and Persistent Pain are more than a "single story" - we rarely hear from those who are in remission or who have recovered completely

Pain Management.

There are a number of different programs for both adults, teens and kids. These programs are generally run through pain treatment facilities, but there are also online and after school programs available. This list of Pain Management Programs contains a number of these programs which also include some to assist with anxiety and depression.

If you are looking for a health professional in your area, Painaustralia has a very handy Pain Directory which can be found here.

Health Professionals.

Professor Lorimer Moseley, a pain scientist from the University of South Australia and Body in Mind is determined to change the way our medical professionals look at and treat pain - "We need to engage with this massive problem in a new way, give people the resources to recover and find the best methods to prevent persisting pain" - Professor Lorimer Moseley. Professor Moseley and Associates, created the Pain Revolution and The Local Pain Educator (LPE) program

The LPE program involves:

  • Professional Certificate in Pain Science, material delivered online to regional health professionals
  • One-on-one mentoring from industry leaders
  • Access to LPE network
  • Access to pain education resources package
  • A commitment to delivering high-quality pain education in the community

More resources for Health Professionals.