Kira Rodriquez - Membership Co-Ordinator.

Kira returns for her second year with the executive committee, a CRPS sufferer, Kira, like the rest of us, has been put through the medical wringer with failed treatments and too many doctors lacking knowledge about the condition.

Lisa McMillan - Vice President & Co-Founder.

​Lisa's return to the Executive Committee, although unexpected, was much celebrated by the other members. As the co-founder of T.P.B.F.I. and a well respected business manager Lisa brings a new train of thought to the Committee. Also a carer, Lisa understands the emotional roller coaster of living with CRPS.

Fred Robinson.

Fred has been a CRPS advocate for quite some time now, with podcasts, Facebook, etc, Fred has been extremely active throughout the CRPS community. We are all excited to have Fred join us on TPBFI Executive Committee.

Alison Hewatt - President.

Alison has been with T.P.B.F.I. since the first public AGM, held in November 2014. The carer for her daughter Emily, a CRPS sufferer, Alison knows all too well the difficulties, frustration and run-around faced by those of us thrown head first into this crazy world.

An interview with Kim

Kim Allgood - Secretary, Treasurer & Founder.

Kim has been dealing with CRPS since 2011 after a workplace injury, and Chronic Pain since 1993. No stranger to the ordeals faced by those with invisible disabilities, invisible illnesses and disbelieving doctors.                                               0411 147 367

P.O. Box 5602. Torquay, Qld. 4655. Ph: 0411 147 367. Email:

Sufferers & Carers is who we are
and what we are about.

Emi Hewatt - Newsletter Editor.

​Emi has also been with T.P.B.F.I since our first AGM in 2014. A CRPS sufferer since 2012, Emi travelled to America for Scrambler Therapy in 2016, which has proven to be a very successful treatment option for her. 

BOH - Bucket Of Hope  (pronounced like 'Bow' and arrow)

My name stems from the abbreviation ‘Bucket Of Hope’. As The Purple Bucket Team Mascot, my job (like everyone else’s) is to help raise awareness! I tend to pop up spontaneously anywhere I choose - Keep your eyes peeled! Although I’m continuously on a new adventure, my mission remains the same: to raise awareness about CRPS, chronic pain and The Purple Bucket Foundation.

Sue-Ellen Rodriquez.

​Sue, a mother, wife, nurse and carer to both her daughter with CRPS and her husband with chronic pain. Sue knows only too well the hardship, and heartache carers face every day as they juggle life and their extra responsibilities. We look forward to Sue's experience and knowledge.

Peter (Rodge) Rodriquez.

​Rodge is one of our Chronic Pain representatives. As a chronic pain sufferer he tends to be quiet as our meetings are held in the evening, but when it's time to speak I'm sure he'll let us know.

Meet the Crew

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Lyn Body.

Lyn, our other Chronic Pain representative, is an Anaesthetic nurse. Lyn suffers from and helps treat people with Chronic Pain. Since learning about CRPS and TPBF Lyn has become extremely passionate about helping to raise awareness and doing what she can to make a difference.