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Boh - Bucket Of Hope  (pronounced like 'Bow' and arrow)


My name stems from the abbreviation ‘Bucket Of Hope’. As The Purple Bucket Team Mascot, my job (like everyone else’s) is to help raise awareness! I tend to pop up spontaneously anywhere I choose - Keep your eyes peeled! Although I’m continuously on a new adventure, my mission remains the same: to raise awareness about CRPS, chronic pain and The Purple Bucket Foundation.


In November 2014 the first public Annual General Meeting of The Purple Bucket Foundation Inc. was held.

Each individual on our Crew at The Purple Bucket Foundation is a volunteer. They either have, care for someone, have a family member or know someone that has CRPS or Chronic Pain. No one was forced to join the Crew – They’re all here with the same ambition, to help raise awareness and to offer support to fellow suffers, carers, family members and friends, as CRPS and Chronic Pain have a long reaching ripple effect.

For the longevity of The Purple Bucket Foundation Inc. and the future of its charitable purpose, The Purple Bucket Foundation must meet governance standards to be registered and remain registered with the ACNC. The governance standards are a set of core, minimum standards that deal with how run (including their processes, activities, and relationships) - governance. The standards require charities to remain charitable, operate lawfully, and be run in an accountable and responsible way.

The responsible people, (i.e. Committee Members), must take steps to meet certain duties:

  • Act with reasonable care and diligence.
  • Act honestly in the best interest of the charity and for its purposes.
  • Not misuse their position of responsible person.
  • Not to misuse information obtained in performing their duties.
  • Disclose any actual or perceived conflict of interest.
  • Ensure that the charity's financial affairs are managed responsibly.

Each and every person who steps up to become a part of The Purple Bucket Foundation Crew does so with the understanding of these duties.

We are still young and have learned some things during our first few years. There is still much more to learn and definitely further to go. Our minds are open and we are more than happy to welcome you if you believe you have something to bring to the table. The Annual General Meeting is set for Tuesday August 29th at 7:00 pm. More details will be available soon on our Facebook and Event pages.


P.O. Box 5602. Torquay, Qld. 4655. Ph: 0411 147 367. Email: admin@tpbf.org.au